Btc Stream Club

If you’re looking for a dependable platform to buy or sell your hash power, you’re in the right place! Btc Stream Club is an advanced hash rental, cryptocurrency mining and multipool service. You don’t have to worry about contracts when buying or selling your hash power, as we offer you a pay-as-you-go service.


Constant progression

Interest is applied to your account 7 days a week. Once it has been added to your account balance, you can either reinvest or you can withdraw.

Secure and Authentic

Our website is secured with Comodo SSL, which guarantees insurance to all transactions as well as verifies our authentication and encrypts all information provided.

Support just one touch away

Our advanced FAQ has replies to 99% of your questions, however if you still need our support, you are more than welcome to contact our 24/7 support team.

Lucrative Hourly Rates



Hourly for 40 Hours

Min.$6 - Max. $10000

Instant Payment

Calculate your profit



After 20 Hours

Min.$10 - Max. $10000

Instant Payment

Calculate your profit



Hourly for 10 Hours

Min.$800 - Max. $50000

Instant Payment

Calculate your profit

Through 7 years of trading on the stock market and the Bitcoin market, we have summed up a set of effective trading methods that can maximize customer demand without risk, and Btc Stream Club will also obtain considerable profits. You only need to invest a minimum of $5 to start your profit journey, you will get a maximum return rate of 25% hourly, Btc Stream Club has invested in various icocoins before and get the highest return rate of 800%, we are on the private equity industry and we are confident that we can achieve higher profits. Not only in Bitcoin trading but also in investment. We have three mining farm in Iceland also two in China, include Bitcoin , Ethereum and litecoin mining equipment, which generate profits every day. What we invest in is not virtual currency. We invest in the future.


Affiliate & Representatives Program


Present our project to your friends, family, or any other community and enjoy the financial benefits. You don't even need an active deposit to receive affiliate commission; just share your affiliate link, which you can find in your personal account. Looking for an even higher referrals commission rate? Join our Representatives team and help us to expand worldwide.

Join Btc Stream Club to enjoy amazing up 4%-10% affiliate commission by sharing your referral link.

Our referral bonuses: Level A 1-80 4.00%    Level B 81-160 5.00%    Level C 161-300 6.00% Level D 301-500 7.50%   Level E 501-and more 10.00%

Our other levels referral bonuses : Level 2:1.00%   Level 3: 0.50%


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Advanced FAQ has replies to 99% of your questions. FAQ